Won’t you be my rabbit wife?

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string ’em together and say a little somethin’

Wash Line Poetry cards: a charming, colorful collaboration with local painter Ashley Addair. Four inches wide and long of East Tennessee charm. Send one as a card, prop a few on a shelf, or string ’em together and say a little somethin’.

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Sufjan Letterpress

“I can see a lot of life in you; I can see a lot of bright in you.”

These lyrics from Sufjan Stevens' “The Dress Looks Nice on You” will forever take me back to my college boyfriend's car nearly ten years ago. Now that boyfriend is my husband and the tech guru behind my hand-lettering. We have two whimsical boys and our life is messy and hard and achingly beautiful, strewn with life and light. I can see a lot of life in them; a lot of bright in them.

6 x 6 inch letterpress print with deep bite on heavyweight chipboard.

Made to order

Cards, logos, invitations: get in touch!

Get to know us

Mary Ann creates custom design and hand-lettering for cards, invitations, and any other plans you may have up your sleeve. Her husband, Jesse, helps with digitization and printing.

This business has just begun (and, well, kind of ended, too), so if you have any questions about custom orders that we have not described, ask. We can do a lot, at least in this little corner of creative production.